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Periareolar/Keyhole Mastectomy Procedure

What is a keyhole mastectomy?

Periareolar Mastectomy Procedure The keyhole or periareolar mastectomy is best for those with small breasts with limited or no overhang.

During this surgery the breast is removed through a small incision at the bottom of the areola. The nipple itself is left intact.

To allow the skin to contour to the chest, drains are inserted and brought out under each arm to collect any fluid that may want to accumulate under the empty skin. The drains maybe left in anywhere from two days to a week. During this time you may shower as usual. We recommend using a lanyard to hold the drains during your shower.

A surgical binder and dressings are applied. These may be changed periodically or adjusted for comfort. In three weeks you will be binder free forever!

There are limitations to the keyhole procedure. The position of the nipple is determined by its position on your breast. It cannot be altered by the operation. There is no skin removed in this procedure. If there is too much skin it may fail to take a nice contour and appear as a fold of skin usually on the lower chest. The scar under the areola may indent or adhere to the tissues underneath. Revisions are not usually able to reposition the nipple or to remove skin excess without causing obvious scars.

The keyhole procedure has a higher risk of bleeding or fluid collection under the skin after the surgery. Sensation in the nipple may or may not be lost.

Pain medication is prescribed for discomfort after surgery. Its use is encouraged, although many patients report that they do not have much pain.

A keyhole procedure has the great advantage of no long scar and is an excellent choice if you are lucky enough to have small breasts and tight skin.