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Double Incision Mastectomy Procedure

What is a Double Incision Mastectomy?

Double Incision Mastectomy The double incision mastectomy is designed for persons with larger or overhanging breasts, or with loose skin.

The advantage of this procedure is greater precision in nipple size, nipple position and scar placement. The disadvantage is the scar.
The surgeon removes both excessive skin and breast tissue through two horizontal incisions, one below the breast and the other higher than the nipple. These are joined to create one scar.

The areola/nipple complex is removed, resized and grafted onto the chest in the desired position. The nipples are protected with surgical sponges for at least 8 days.

The incisions are covered with surgical tape and can be washed with soap and water as usual. In fact, the whole chest may get wet EXCEPT for the grafts which should remain dry. After the graft sponges are removed in about 8 days, patients may shower carefully.

The surgical binder and dressing may be taken off or changed periodically. After three or four weeks you are binder free forever!
We do NOT use drains with this procedure.

Pain medication is prescribed for discomfort after surgery. Its use is encouraged, although many patients report that they do not have much pain.

The double incision mastectomy with grafts is an outpatient surgery, performed under general anesthesia, and usually takes about two hours.