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Five Tips For Transgender Travel

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 12 February 2018

Taking a trip? Whether you’re travelling to experience other cultures and try new things, taking a beach vacation, or visiting relatives in another province or country, it’s important that you’re free of harm. To ensure you have safe travels, check out our five travel tips below: Research: You may live in Toronto or another big metropolis where people are more trans accepting, but not every place is as welcoming. Look into the trans law of the place you are travelling to. Unfortunately, places in the American South and some European and African countries have laws in place that prove challenging to people in the trans community. If you are travelling to one of these places, for instance, to visit relatives in Mississippi, do your best to stay under the radar in order to be safe. For information about travel warnings, visit the Government of Canada’s advisory page here. Packing: If…

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Things To Remember As A Trans Person Travelling Alone

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 10 Oct 2016

Travel presents a number of concerns that everyone must consider when planning a trip. But for trans people, there are additional issues that are unique and may lead to problems when travelling. Understanding the travel issues you may face as a trans person helps you prepare in advance and avoid…

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