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Tips To Build Loving Transgender Relationships

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 12 December 2016

Healthy relationships are part of a fulfilling life. Your ability to connect with and create relationships with others can improve your well being while helping you learn more about yourself. Transgender relationships can have unique challenges that must be considered. The following are tips to build a loving transgender relationship so that you can achieve the rewarding experiences it can offer. Building Trust Many transgender people face struggles related to discrimination or rejection from others. In some cases, the betrayal of one’s trust can cause lasting effects on their ability to confide in others. Building trust is a cornerstone of any loving relationship. It’s important to be conscious of you or your loved one’s past experience to understand their needs or challenges in establishing trust. Your ability to listen and provide an open and safe space for yourself and others is the first step in this process. Creating Commitment Your…

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Ways To Show Acceptance For Your Transgender Friends

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 15 Feb 2016

Coming out as trans, and transitioning, can be a joyful and liberating experience for many. Unfortunately, depending on culture, family, and society, coming out can also be extremely difficult and anxiety-inducing. During this time, you can make a huge, positive impact on your friend’s life by simply being supportive and…

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