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4 Transgender Athletes To Watch In 2017

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 6 March 2017

The International Olympic Committee recently voted to ease restrictions on transgender athletes competing in the Olympics. As a result, there are a number of transgender athletes that are paving the way for others who want to compete in a wide range of sports. The following are just some of the current transgender athletes to watch in 2017. Schuyler Bailar Schuyler Bailar is the first openly transgender athlete to compete as a NCAA Division I swimmer. Assigned female at birth in New York City, Bailar started swimming when he was just a year old. Before transitioning, Bailar successfully competed in local and national swimming events. When he was a junior in high school, Bailar came to terms with his gender identity. He began transitioning in October 2014 and shared his experience with transgender cosmetic surgery on social media. Bailar was recruited by Harvard University and currently swims on its men’s team.…

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