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The History Of Top Surgery: Developments And Improvements

Posted by on 11 December 2017

Breasts are a physical attribute associated with women. For trans men the double incision mastectomy, a type of top surgery, can eliminate the breasts and create a masculinized chest. This allows trans men to live comfortably in their own skin without feeling like there is feminine energy/characteristics hanging over them. Top surgery has come a long way since its inception. There have been new techniques and improvements that have made this surgery safer and easier on the patients as they recover. Top surgery then Transgenderism, although it may seem like a new idea to some people who are unfamiliar with it, has a rich and complex history. The first gender confirmation surgery was said to have taken place in Berlin in 1912. Magnus Hirschfeld, a German physician and sexologist, actually coined the term “transexualism” in 1923. He also created the first medical gender clinic of the modern era. In 1945,…

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FTM Surgery And Sensation: What To Expect

Posted by on 2 October 2017

You may have read that FTM top surgery reduces certain sensations felt in or on the chest. For FTM surgery, because the breast tissue is removed from underneath the nipple, the amount of sensation lost varies from person to person. Why does some sensation loss occur? Breast tissue contains a…

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How To Prepare For Your Top Surgery

Posted by on 21 August 2017

If you are scheduled to have top surgery, you are probably wondering how you can get ready for it. Below, you’ll find a timeline outlining what steps to take and when to take them, so that you are prepared for your top surgery procedure. General Preparation If you are seeing…

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