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What’s The Difference Between Gender Identity And Sexual Orientation?

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 27 June 2016

At birth, we are assigned a sex based on our anatomy. For many people they feel like their biological sex matches who they are. For example, someone who is born female identifying as female. Conversely, many people do not identify with the biological sex they were assigned at birth. For people who are transgender, their given sex at birth does not match up with how they feel inside. It can be very confusing, no matter how old you are, to cope with these feelings. You think that you are gay or bisexual because you do not feel comfortable in your body and do not identify with your biological sex. Some people treat gender identity and sexual orientation as the same thing when in fact they are not. So, what is the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation? Gender Identity Gender identity is our innermost concept of self. We can…

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