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How To Minimize Scarring When Healing From Surgery

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 15 February 2017

FTM surgery requires appropriate care during the recovery process to minimize the risk of common issues related to swelling, bruising, and scarring. Although many patients worry about potential scarring, there are key steps you can take to prevent them. There are also different types of scars that you should be aware of along with the simple ways that you can care for treated areas during your recovery from surgery. Scar Types and Development Scars appear as the result of healing tissues following surgery or physical injury. The skin around the treated areas first undergoes a stage of inflammation. This is characterized by swelling, redness, and pain. Soon, new collagen is created to help rebuild and restore the tissues, which causes the incision to close and allows for further healing to take place. Different types of scars can appear, including widened, hypertrophic, and keloid scars. Each has its unique characteristics and…

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