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Seven 2018 Haircut Styles Post FTM Surgery

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 22 January 2018

Hair is important, and if you’ve recently undergone FTM top surgery, you probably want a cut that suits your new body. You may have a barber or hairstylist that you trust who can help you determine the best cut for your face shape. To give you an idea of the best haircut styles for your face post FTM surgery, check out the list below. Round: If you have a round face, it is at a proportionate width and height. Your jaw is probably round and your cheekbones may lie flat with no dominate features. This is good news because you can rock a pompadour or faux hawk. These adventurous cuts will enhance your features, especially if you part your hair off-centre and keep the sides shorter with volume on top. Diamond: Those with diamond-shaped faces usually have wider cheekbones complimented by a narrow forehead and jaw. Try swept bangs and…

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FTM Haircuts: 4 Styles To Suit Your Face Shape

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 13 Mar 2016

If you’re beginning the process of transitioning, getting the right haircut will go a long way to helping you create a more masculine appearance. It’s not just a matter of cutting your hair short. You also need to find a style that’s masculine and appropriate for the shape of your…

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