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5 Ways To Support Your Child Throughout Their Transition

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 4 July 2016

Most people don’t question why their gender identity does not match their body, but for those who do, this can either be a very difficult and confusing time or a very liberating and invigorating one. There are many different ways to be transgender depending on how comfortable the person feels. As a parent, you may notice your child exploring their gender identity in a number of ways, including: Using a different name or pronoun (he/him – for a girl transitioning to a boy) Varying gender presentation – dressing in a more masculine way Changing grooming and styling – being tomboyish and preferring short hair Preferring “boys’ toys” like superheroes and trucks instead of things like dolls Preferring to pee standing up If you notice these and other signs, and it does not seem like a phase, it is important that you consult with a gender specialist. While at it, keep…

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