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Three Best Transgender Movie Roles

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 10 February 2016

Film and television has a spotty history with telling trans stories. Too often in the entertainment world, trans issues have been treated with ignorance and disrespect. Fortunately, there are some filmmakers and performers who tell trans stories that are authentic and respectful. Though there is still a ways to go when it comes to trans issues and visibility, the last couple years have seen many trans performers, storytellers, and filmmakers shine. Let’s take a look at some movies that got it right. Agrado, in All About My Mother Antonia San Juan plays Agrado in the Pedro Almodovar film All About My Mother. On top of many other international awards, All About My Mother also won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for best foreign film. The film is about a nurse named Manuela who, following her son’s tragic death, sets out for Barcelona to find her son’s father, a…

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