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3 Emotional Benefits Of Transitioning

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 18 July 2016

Making decisions about whether or not to proceed with transitioning is a major part of every transgender person’s experience. If you choose to transition, you must again decide the level to transition to. Making these decisions requires time and support. There are common fears of how you will be perceived by your parents, partners, children, and other family members, as well as concerns of whether you will be accepted by your colleagues, friends, church groups, and other bodies. You will also be anxious about the success of any process or procedure with regard to how convincing you will be to others as a male or female. That said, transitioning offers more gains than concerns, allowing you to enjoy a high standard of life. Some of the emotional benefits of transitioning include: Greater confidence For transgender people who choose to transition, there are a number of emotional/psychological concerns that they have…

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