What will my Top Surgery scars look like?

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 3 August 2018

Scarring on the skin typically occurs after trauma occurs to the skin, resulting in areas of fibrous tissue that replaces healthy skin. Scarring can occur due to wounds, burns, acne, and surgery. The formation of scars is a very normal part of the healing process after your FTM Top Surgery, but the way in which your body responds to injury and trauma is dependent on a variety of factors, which include age, genetics, skin colour, and location on the body. While some transmen are proud of their scars and wear them like a badge of honour, others seek ways to treat them and reduce their appearance. Although permanent scarring as a result of FTM Top Surgery is almost inevitable, many patients feel that their final results are completely worth it. When it comes to Top Surgery, the resulting scars are the direct result of the surgical techniques used during your…

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