What Kind of Nipple Sensation Can I Expect After Top Surgery?

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 21 July 2018

For many trans men considering FTM Top Surgery, retaining sensation in their nipples is of significant value. At McLean Clinic, we specialize in two FTM Mastectomy procedures: a Double Incision Mastectomy and the Periareolar (Keyhole Incision) Mastectomy. Both these top surgery procedures involve the removal of breast tissue under the nipple. This can have an effect on the blood flow to the nerves in this area, which may result in some sensation loss. Depending on the type of top surgery being performed, both the amount and type of sensation that remains or is lost will vary. Types of Procedures and Sensation The most common FTM Top Surgery performed at McLean Clinic is the Double Incision Mastectomy, which is designed for patients with large or overhanging breasts, or with loose skin. This procedure is particularly advantageous because of the greater precision achieved in the size of the nipple, the nipple position,…

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