Do Compression Garments Reduce Scarring?

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 24 February 2015

24 February

Yes! They have been found in clinical trials to reduce scarring in almost all patients. They have beneficial effects both early and late in the healing process. For best results, they should be worn near-continuously for four to six straight weeks. Compression and Early Healing At first, your body will try to remove the debris of damaged cells from your incisions, reduce the inflammation, and rebuild the tissue. Cells called fibroblasts fill the area and begin to pull the wound shut. These fibroblasts need a steady supply of moisture to stay active, and compression garments help protect this moisture. When…

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17 February

8 Steps for Speedy FTM Surgery Recovery

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 17 Feb 2015

Every surgery causes bruising and swelling, and FTM top surgery is not an exception. This swelling and bruising will be noticeable for at least a few weeks. Even after it fades, healing will still be…

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X Natural Ways to Reduce Scarring after Surgery

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 3 Feb 2015

Transition surgery, like every other kind of surgery, will result in some scarring. In the majority of cases, men who have undergone surgical transition find the scarring to be minimal and love the look of their new chests. What Should I Expect? The location and size of scars will depend…

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