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Will I Need To Continue Breast Cancer Screening After Top Surgery?

Posted by on 23 July 2019

23 July

For many transgender males or non-binary people, getting top surgery is one of the most important steps in their physical transition. Female-to-male top surgery is a surgical procedure that completely removes the excess breast tissue for a flattened chest. For many individuals, getting top surgery helps align how they feel on the inside with the outside, which is incredibly important for their identity. One of the most common questions asked by patients who go through FTM top surgery is whether or not they need to continue receiving breast cancer screenings. Some believe that because this procedure removes the breast tissue,…

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15 May

How Do I Know Which Implant Size Is Right For Me?

Posted by on 15 May 2019

MTF (male-to-female) top surgery is an integral part of the transition for many transwomen, as it helps fulfill their vision of attaining a feminine figure. For those that have looked into the process, you may…

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16 April

How Much Pain Can I Expect After Top Surgery?

Posted by on 16 April 2019

Getting female-to-male (FTM) top surgery done is a milestone procedure for many transmen. It gets them one step closer to being comfortable in the skin they’re in and gives them the opportunity to live their…

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5 April

Which FTM Top Surgery Procedure Is Right For Me?

Posted by on 5 April 2019

For a lot of transmen, getting FTM top surgery is key to achieving a masculine physical appearance that aligns with who they are inside. By removing excess breast tissue, chest masculinization is a great way…

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How To Enhance Your Top Surgery Results

Posted by on 4 January 2019

Transmen in the process of transitioning often place high importance on achieving the masculine appearance of a flat, broad chest. However, despite exercise and hormone therapy, not everyone is always able to achieve a muscular, toned chest due to their natural body type and genetic disposition. Top surgery is a…

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