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Things To Remember As A Trans Person Travelling Alone

Posted by on 10 October 2016

Travel presents a number of concerns that everyone must consider when planning a trip. But for trans people, there are additional issues that are unique and may lead to problems when travelling. Understanding the travel issues you may face as a trans person helps you prepare in advance and avoid unwanted complications when going through security checkpoints at airports. Common Concerns for the Trans Traveller Although many trans individuals are able to travel without incident, some people have experienced insensitive treatment that can be potentially demeaning and embarrassing. Body scanners and pat-down protocols must be in line with the need for personal privacy and respect of all travellers. Security personnel must have the proper training to understand transgender needs. Trans people may have physical characteristics that may not be consistent with their outward appearance. This leads to confusion among security personnel, which can result in inappropriate comments or actions. Understanding…

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