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All About Transgender Terminology

Posted by on 26 May 2017

The terminology that’s typically used within the transgender community can vary widely. Language is fluid and the meaning of a term can change considerably over time. There’s often some confusion in the general public regarding transgender terminology. The following is a brief guide to prevent any confusion and provide some clarity as you move forward in the FTM transition process. Transgender Transgender is a term used to describe people whose gender identity conflicts with the sex they were assigned at birth. Transgender is used as an adjective as in “transgender man” for a person who identifies as a man and “transgender woman” for an individual who identifies as a woman. Gender Identity Gender identity refers to your inner sense of identity in regards to being female, male, non-gendered, or another designation. Because each person’s gender identity is determined internally on an individual basis, it’s not established based on external physical…

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5 Things To Know Before You Watch ‘Girls To Men’

Posted by on 18 December 2015

Airing originally in October 2015, the documentary “Girls to Men” will be airing on TV as part of the “Born in the Wrong Body” series initiated by the UK Channel 4. Here are a few things to note: The documentary revolves around three young Brits who were assigned a female…

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Transgender Health Care Access In Canada

Posted by on 4 November 2015

Transgender people have a unique set of physical and mental health needs that seem to be compounded by prejudices against them, within both the health care system and society. The discrimination limits access to timely, medically appropriate, culturally competent, and respectful care, which eventually translates to increased risk of depression…

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Identifying The Difference Between Transgenderism And Cross-Dressing

Posted by on 28 September 2015

Many believe transgenderism and cross-dressing are exactly the same, but this couldn’t be further from fact. Defining the terms ‘transgender’ and ‘cross-dresser’ are extremely complex but in this blog, we’re taking a look at their vast differences. When it comes to sex, gender, sexual orientation, etc., there are so many…

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