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FTM Surgery And Sensation: What To Expect

Posted by on 2 October 2017

You may have read that FTM top surgery reduces certain sensations felt in or on the chest. For FTM surgery, because the breast tissue is removed from underneath the nipple, the amount of sensation lost varies from person to person. Why does some sensation loss occur? Breast tissue contains a vast network of sensory nerves that come from the branches of the intercostal nerves. These nerves travel on a pathway through the fascia that covers the pectoral muscles, landing on the surface of the skin. When breast tissue is removed to create a masculine-looking chest, the blood flow to the sensory nerves is affected and can result in the loss of sensation. There are four types of sensations we can experience: Tactile: This type of sensation is produced by the pressure on receptors in the skin when they are touched. An example of a tactile sensation would be touch of…

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How To Prepare For Your Top Surgery

Posted by on 21 August 2017

If you are scheduled to have top surgery, you are probably wondering how you can get ready for it. Below, you’ll find a timeline outlining what steps to take and when to take them, so that you are prepared for your top surgery procedure. General Preparation If you are seeing…

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