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Ways To Support Your Partner Through FTM Top Surgery

Posted by on 15 January 2018

Transgender surgery is a big, yet positive, step. If your partner is going to undergo a chest masculinization procedure, there are ways you can support them and show that you’re in their corner. Have A Conversation It’s a good idea for you to have a conversation with your partner and their surgeon (if possible), so you know what to expect after transgender surgery. There will be blood and bandages, and if you’re squeamish, tell your partner beforehand and warn them that you might get queasy. They’ll understand. Not everyone can handle stuff like that with grace. Furthermore, you should understand the surgery itself. Ask your partner or their surgeon to explain everything from the type of anesthesia used to the incision process. The more you know about the surgery, the more helpful you can be to your partner. Don’t Ask Questions, Offer Help After your partner undergoes transgender surgery, don’t…

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Transgender Health Care Access In Canada

Posted by on 4 November 2015

Transgender people have a unique set of physical and mental health needs that seem to be compounded by prejudices against them, within both the health care system and society. The discrimination limits access to timely, medically appropriate, culturally competent, and respectful care, which eventually translates to increased risk of depression…

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Changing Genders: A Guide to Paperwork

Posted by on 23 October 2015

Changing genders requires plenty of life adjustments. Not only must they cope with the physical, emotional, and interpersonal changes that occur, but they must also consider their identification in the eyes of the government and the paperwork that is required as a citizen of Canada. Recent changes in Canada’s documentation…

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5 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch While Transitioning

Posted by on 16 October 2015

Movies and TV shows have changed a lot over the years. The number of programs that are addressing transgender issues and representing strong transgender characters has perhaps been the biggest shift in mainstream entertainment. These movies and shows bring a greater awareness to what it means to be a transgender…

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3 Myths About Testosterone Treatment

Posted by on 9 October 2015

The use of testosterone allows for the transition of FTM individuals to take place. It’s used to initiate the process whereby male characteristics can develop, which includes effects related to body composition, voice, and hair growth. Testosterone must be properly administered in order to achieve the desired effects. Biological females…

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3 Tips to Ease Anxiety While Transitioning

Posted by on 2 October 2015

The transition period for FTM individuals can be difficult without the proper support systems in place. Transgender individuals face a unique set of challenges that other don’t, and should must implement strategies to ease anxiety while transitioning. Those around you may not understand the process of transitioning from one gender…

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